Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ask Us About Our Awesome

Hey folks! It's been a wild few days. We headed from Atlanta up to Marietta so John could check out Dr. No comics -- which reportedly had lots of back issues. Could there be monster comics, we thought? Well, not so much, but it turns out Marietta is ALSO the home of Top Shelf Productions -- the great folks who put out Jeffrey Brown, James Kochalka, Edie Campbell, Alan Moore, Matt Kindt, etc. etc.

We hung around with the very gracious Chris Staros, and chatted about all things comics, Hollywood, Elvis, and hair metal until about 2am. Got up the next day and trucked it on down the line -- Gainesville line, that is.

Gainesville is great. John had an event at the library last night (about 40+ people showed) and afterwards we went out to dinner with Travis -- the awesome librarian/skater/zinester who set the show up. Today's John's speaking at a couple schools -- were I didn't think I could film -- and tomorrow is the conference at the U of F.

Things are good --- I've shot an additional five or six hours of John P. stuff, have worked through a lot of the kinks of interviewing in the car, chatting, etc. & thankfully we're not sick of each other.

Ok, I need to get going -- got my day job to do, private travel journal to keep, postcards to send (hey crystal!) and such and such and such. My 'day off' from shooting is turning into the busiest day this week!

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