Monday, February 15, 2010

Mt. Holly or Die!

Just got back from the weekend in the cities where I had the incredibly wonderful pleasure of interviewing both Mr. Mike and Zak Sally. As we speak, I'm transferring footage of the interviews (so no clips just yet) which means I can't really write up full thoughts on the weekend (sadly, the ole MacBook pro can't do TOO much at once).

I will say one of the brilliant parts of the weekend was getting to see/hang out in the Le Mano HQ in Minneapolis and right off the bat kicking over Zak's bass with my big old clod hoppers. D'oh! That's it for now -- though as a teaser, I'll definitely be posting a couple tidbits from the interviews tomorrow, along with some classic old John P. photos the great Mr. Mike loaned me for the project.

Sorry I'm too tired/busy to write up full thoughts, but head is swimming, and I'm hungry so y'all will have to wait until tomorrow. Afternoon, at that, as I'm meeting up with Ivan Brunetti in the am. Rough life, right?

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