Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here Goes Somethin'

Hello world. It's getting to the point where enough people know about this, and I've spent enough money, that it's time to be a little more frank, a little more public. I'm making a documentary. About John Porcellino, creator of King-Cat Comics and Stories. Tentatively, I'm going with 'Root Hog' or 'Root Hog or Die: Ballad of the King Cat

I'll intend this blog to be a place to post random clips to tantalize you, as well as a place to keep a journal of the project's progress, for those of you who care enough to tune in. Today I'm including a great clip of John filmed at Ruby Hill in Denver a couple weeks ago, when he was feeling a wee bit sassy.

Right now, I'm about ready with everything I need to really get the job done. I've got about 10 hours in the can of basic stuff -- interviews with John and such. The other day I picked up a decent shotgun mic to use as a boom, and got FIFTY mini dv tapes. With the camera (the trusty Canon XL1) and my clamp light, I'm an unstoppable filming machine.

In a couple days (Friday) I'll be interviewing Joe Chiappetta (Silly Daddy) Then, this weekend I'll be heading up to Minneapolis with my lady friend to interview the great Zak Sally and the great Mr. Mike. Then next week I've got Ivan Brunetti lined up, and later today I'm (hopefully) setting up my interview with Jeffrey Brown.

So that's that, for now. Hit me up if you've got ideas, thoughts, or comments. Definitely hit me up if you've got any footage or info on the great John P.

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