Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Which an Homage is Made to Hitchcock, and our Subject Takes the Pause that Refreshes

Have a handful of thoughts running around my head today. Finally picked up a copy of 'Ho!', the new Ivan Brunetti collection so that if he asks in our interview whether I've read his new book I can honestly say 'yes', though a lot of it is stuff I've seen before.

A little more amazing is this week's New Yorker cover set which includes one from Clowes, one from Ware, one from Tomine, and one from Brunetti -- and it's the anniversary cover, so, you know, good work Francoise.

In prepping some notes for the interview with Ivan, I keep having to stop myself from writing down questions like, "How did you end up a professor doing NY'er covers while John toils away in (relative) obscrurity?" Obviously I mean no offense to Ivan, whose work I adore, it's just a hard question to ignore -- sadly it's also hard to ask without sounding like a dick, which I'm trying to avoid.

Anyway, I'm excited to go pick up the issue, and keep prepping notes. I'm also set up to interview Joe Chiappetta (Silly-Daddy) tomorrow, which I'm excited about. I dig his silly comics about being a daddy, and he's known John for a while.

I heard from Britta, of Dean & Britta and Luna who said we could license some stuff if we want. This should be fun, as I've never licensed anything! I want the soundtrack of the film to be largely independent music, wherein the artists and I can come to an easy agreement, and not have to deal with larger entities, like Elektra Records. So, we'll see where that gets us.....

Today's clip comes from a signing John P. and Noah VS went to at 'I Want More Comics' in Westminster, CO awhile back. In it, I make an appearance, something I'm unlikely to do in the finished project. Noah is selling two copies of one of his comics, and need to make change for a $10. He's got two ones on him, and needs a third. Watch John deftly avoid the 'do you have a dollar question' and our director make a heroic save.

Then it caps off with John enjoying a Coke -- something he rarely does given his very specific diet, the result of severe illness a few years back. I'm showing this clip to demonstrate the abject poverty cartoonist endure (Noah) along with John's excellent sense of humor, which I think most people may not realize exists given that he often does high-falutin' comics about monks. Enjoy:

On a final note, I'd like to say that the quality of these clips is lower than what we'll see in the finished project, which is why I'm sharing a lot of them here -- it's pretty likely this stuff would only end up on a bonus disc, but there's some neat stuff I thought folks would like to see.

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