Sunday, July 13, 2014

What's that song from RENT?

You know, the one they redid in the Office when Michael Scott left? Some large number of hours? Well, here's the progress report:

1:19:42 - length of the current 'rough cut' of the film
1:22:40 - length of edited interviews with John P. - that is, usable footage I'd love to include
4:42:41 - length of the edited interviews with the ~20 people in the film - again, 100% usable footage I'd love to include
0:29:12 - length of T.A.C. DVD, edited for use
0:31:06 - length of random extras I'd like to include

6:15:19 - length of the marathon interview I did with John which will be edited down into usable footage this week
4:48:12 - length of footage of John doing his talks which I'd love to use, but needs to be edited

0:10:00- King-Cat readings set to their images by KC readers

So, I've got just about a nine hour movie, with about eleven hours left to edit. No biggie.

Tomorrow I'm interviewing Jason Heller, and hopefully, Doug M. Also need to do a Skype interview with Patrick Porter and this morning I wrote to Robert Schneider asking if he'd like to add a short video or reading. So add in a bit more for that all. Crikes!

Got two and half weeks to whittle that all down into a 75-80 minute piece. Yowza! Oh, and somewhere in here I need to get the kickstarter set up.

Wish me luck team!

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