Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick update

1. Still trying to get 'Kids Don't Follow' cuz I love that scene of John singing along to it.

2. Can use some Galaxie 500, but it's not cheap -- well, I'm sure it IS cheap, but compared to my micro budget -- it'll cost almost as much to use one song as it did for the camera and mice I bought. Yeeesh! (pronounces 'yes-sh' with a long 'e' like in 'she' or 'he', not 'yesh' as in 'yes')

3. Heard back from Bruce Loose! Pretty wild in and off itself. Said if it were up to him he'd be fine for free, but there's lawyers and bandmates, so.....I'm waiting to hear back on that.

4. I told John I'd have a workable 50 minute thing by next week. So, I will. Up at five again!

5. Going to launch a Kickstarter shortly. One of the awards will be original artwork from people 'covering' a King-Cat cover. Check out this beaut Jeffrey Brown put together on the same day I asked him to do it. It's a cover of K-C #58, and I think it looks fantastic.

We should be getting similar entires from Zak Sally, Noah Van Sciver and Sam Spina. I have a couple other artists I'm going to ask, but I'll wait until they say 'yay' or 'nay' to name them. 

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