Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Smooth sailing, right?

Spent the weekend in Denver, where I got the pleasure of interviewing Misun Oh and Jon Pinnow. Misun, as many of you know, was married to JP for a number of years, and Jon was a kindred spirit from John's first run at Denver in the early 90's.

One of the things that's been really amazing about doing this project is meeting all these people in John's orbit. I've yet to meet someone who wasn't kind, gracious, and really really interesting.

Jon Pinnow, for example, started up a newsprint zine in Denver in the early 90's called 'Newshole'. When asked why, he seemed surprised at the question. Why wouldn't you start a newspaper?

Anyway, we're sailing along pretty well. I'm easing into my 'up at 5/530 to edit' routine, and am -- as we speak -- exporting the 4.5 minute trailer for the film. I'm going to run it by a few amigos to get some feedback, and then toss that bad boy up. Honestly, watching it, I got pretty excited about seeing this movie! I suppose that's a good sign.

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